Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The above photo was taken summer of 2013, as you can see no boom or sails. We had replaced all her thru hulls, sanded and painted her bottom. We had just completed re-wiring her mast. We were still stripping her insides; we have only applied teak oil and bees wax it is 90% done. It was much nicer working on her moored than on the hard; since she had been on the hard for 3 years, while we re-built the companion way hatch, turtle hatch the butter fly hatch and forward hatch.

2014:  We have just finished sanding the headliner and it will now be painted with high gloss white paint. We also have ripped out ALL her wiring except for the engine. New wire is ordered :) 

Come back and visit, as I am now getting all photos sorted out

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